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Unmedievable's Gear Rentals

Unmedievable has gear available to rent for use at most LARP events we are in attendance at! All gear rented is also available for purchase at the item's "Break It" price with the rental fee considered a deposit towards the total.

Each item has a different rental fee and "Break It" cost.

See below for Unmedievable's event calendar.

Thegn Larp Shield.png


A shield is a very important part of any player's kit. It can protect you from hard blows and flying arrows. A good looking shield will also make your LARP photos look great and make you feel great in the game!


Pictured is an Epic Armoury shield available for rent through Unmedievable. 

Thegn Larp Shield.png
Iris Sword.webp


Swords are the most versatile and easy to use weapon for LARPers. Anyone who plans to march into a fight needs a good sword by their side.

Pictured is the Calimacil "Iris" available for rent through Unmedievable.

Specialty Weapons

Axes, hammers, bows and arrows are all weapons LARPers crave using to give their character a unique spin while still being incredibly effective.


Unmedievable currently has no specialty weapons for rent.


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