Last Hope LARP's Old World 2022

The current year is 213 of the Commonalty Calendar. War has ravaged the continent of Faedrun for 14 years. The Syndar Kingdoms, devastated by war and taking the brunt of the initial undead forces, have continued their retreat further north into their territories. Some kingdoms have abandoned their lands and consolidated forces as the undead plague and penitent followers continue to push into the heart of Faedrun. The Grand Alliance is made up of a number of Human and Syndar kingdoms and has stood together for the last 8 years. With its strengths come weaknesses as the different military forces and their leaders continue to try to work together as a cohesive force. The first few years had been costly, but by now enough time has passed that the Grand Alliance has been working together quite well... but the war on Faedrun is beyond the scope of anything anybody had ever imagined.

One of the military forces deployed to the Grand Alliance is the Mushalee Boluk, a "company" of soldiers under the command of the current ranking commander, the Boluk-Bashi. This specialized military unit is made up of soldiers and support personnel that are sent to deal with undead forces that have been able to cross the searing heat of the desert of the May'Kar Dominion. Previously, a large battle was fought after an anomaly had been found in one of the Oasis locations of the May'Kar dominion; a village that was built over a crypt that held the corpses of influential people local to the area. This magical presence was sought after by the Penitent and Undead forces, but was controlled and cleansed entirely with divine energy. Immediately after, the fighting had died down and the Boluk's forces were stationed in the Oasis as a garrison.

Since then, reinforcements have arrived from the Grand Alliance; specialized troops and squads of Vandregonians, Richtcraig warriors, magic-wielding Syndar of the Kingdom of Tielorrian. However, the Penitent and Undead forces have returned and in greater numbers than before, the strategic importance of this Oasis too valuable for other side to ignore.


Originating from the Warring Kingdom of Richtcraig, this specialist squad is composed of some of the fiercest shock troops of the Grand Alliance and are capable of battering the enemy line and causing considerable mayhem even in their death throes. Common Richtcraig combatants are either fierce steppe warriors or highly-skilled Íoclaochra mercenaries in gallant livery.


May'Kar Dominion

Led by the Boluk Commander (Boluk-Bashi) and the 2nd in Command (Odo-Bashi), the May'Kar Command squad represents the hand-picked bodyguards and soldiers to accompany the Boluk-Bashi during the military campaign. Assisting with squad coordination, overseeing missions, or just being reinforcements to assist as needed, the May'Kar Command Squad is the personal retinue of the commander.

Tielorrian Magic Corps

These volunteer groups make up highly trained magic users from the Kingdom of Tielorrien. Capable of supporting the line, recovering from brutal combat, or focusing on Gravestone destruction and anti-undead ritual magic, these Syndar represent a unique weapon against the Penitent and Undead.


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Vandregonian Phalanx

The Phalanx of Vandregon are soldiers known for heavy armor, stalwart shields, and spears. Whether it be the traditional Vandregonian Army Soldier with plate and mail or the Vandregonian Honor Guard charged with upholding the idealistic and honorable tenents of the Kingdom of Vandregon, these soldiers are capable of being in the thick of intense battle. This squad has been assigned to the Mushalee Boluk to bring a heavy infantry presence, or anchor, to the battlefield.